Swagger Without Ego

Swagger Without Ego

by Ezina

This week I have watched some of the American Idol auditions and I have often wondered, where are all of the music students that we see at local band nights?

Contestant after contestant stepped up and swung out and in between there were a few surprises.  Mainly in the  15 year old arena.  I have been impressed with the poise of the younger generation and most seemed to have grown up on American Idol.

I started wondering where all of this confidence and swagger come from?  At 15, I was of course performing and writing songs but I wasn’t on national TV singing duets with Steven Tyler.

As I work with countless artists, what I find that what’s missing isn’t always the talent.  It’s the Swagger.  When you know that you are good, keep your ego in check and flaunt the talent.  But what happens is once some are told that they are great, that evil little voice called the ego gets involved and starts to take over.

First you start to insult others whom you deem less than.  Then you start to show up late for appointments and then you start to be disrespectful to yourself and those around you.

What I am so enjoying about the younger set is that they are bringing the fun back.  They aren’t  jaded because they blew an audition or two.  They aren’t bitter because they spent years in music school and have yet to pay off those pesky student loans.  They aren’t reeling because they can’t get enough people to show up at their gigs.  They are taking it to a whole other level.

They are blogging and Youtubeing and Twittering and Facebooking their way into the hearts of millions.

For those of us who have been around, Swagger without ego is the recipe for success.  Harness that greatness and deliver and deliver and deliver. With age brings wisdom and wisdom says let your works open doors that your mouth locks shut.

See you on the stage!


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