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Welcome to Ezina

Welcome to the EzinaNation Mothership 

I  walk the path of many spiritual lineages and I enjoy weaving the golden threads back into oneness through books, poetry, meditation, music, yoga, reiki and movement. My greatest honor is to help people connect, remember and manifest their highest vision of themselves. 

Transmuting chaos into beauty, through storytelling, writing, and timeless teachings, my goal is to serve as an oracle between the seen and the unseen. 

In astrology, I am a Scorpio and most people can tell right away. I am a quiet deep soul. I think too much, I care too deeply, I love you forever. In Chinese astrology, I am an Earth Monkey so I enjoy all of the awesome treasures of the earth and entertaining at home. I’m a fruitarian and a minimalist and I do my best to tread lightly upon our beautiful planet. 

When I am not writing, speaking or touring, I am usually cooking for friends, surfing, hiking or hanging out at the beach with my 2 adorable toddlers, my hubby and our dog. I love hearing from you. You can join me on Patreon, connect with me on the social channels, text me or send me an old fashioned email. Click around and enjoy the multitude of cosmic gifts I’ve prepared for you. Continue to Shine Bright, the world needs your beautiful light. 

Love, Ezina



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