Mantras & Meditations For Musicians

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Are you a professional musician who can’t get into the groove like you used to?

Are you an amateur musician who wants to develop your personal relationship to music simply because you love it?

Are you an aspiring musician who wants to begin performing but don’t know how to handle the “live” situation?

Are you a player of any level or type who simply wants to go deeper into music?

What if there was a simple way to warm up with your instrument that allowed you to:
-Improve concentration
-Learn techniques to let go of self-criticism
-Relate practicing with performing
-Build connection with audiences
-Build confidence and stage presence
-Bring greater vision to your performances and careers
-Ground your mind for better practice and performance
-Release physical and mental tension
-Improve your tone
-Balance performer/audience relationship
-Develop self-guided discovery
-Reduce anxiety
-Get deeper into the process of music making
-Create greater satisfaction and connection with music

Well, there is. I have developed a simple warm-up practice that combines mindfulness and awareness techniques from meditation with music practice and performance. It’s a customizable daily warm-up that uses awareness of body and sound to cut through mental distraction and right into the pure experience of making music. This practice is not about practicing meditation while listening to music or about religion. This is about improving your ability to play and communicate through music.

The Meditation for Musicians’ Warm-Up Practice is for beginners and experts, hobbyists and students, amateurs and professionals.

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