Indie Artist BootCamp




Are you an artist who is finding it difficult to grow your fanbase and make money with your art?

In Indie Artist Bootcamp we help you get organized so that you can stay on top of all of the details of running your business as an indie artist.

You will learn best practices for managing your online and offline presence
How to keep a steady stream of income so that you can do what you love
How to build your fanbase
How to keep your fans engaged
How to find grants and sponsorships
How to book promotional tours
How to set up joint ventures with other artists
How to use the internet to maximize your career
How to use your life as your canvas

This class is for artist who are serious about setting up their artistic businesses. If you want to make your side hustle your career or if you already have a career and want to uplevel this bootcamp is for you.

This Virtual Bootcamp is a 6 week deep dive into every area of your artistic business so that you can thrive.

You will receive 20 videos, 10 audios and a Indie Artist Bootcamp Workbook that you can download and use as your roadmap to success. You will also receive access to the Indie Artist Bootcamp private forum and Star Mastery Academy Webinars where you can ask questions live.