40 Day Book Challenge




Dear Future Author,

Is writing a book on your bucket list?

If yes I would like to help you take your book from thought to the page. From the page to Amazon.

Why Me?

After writing 10 books myself and helping other people to write theirs, I have heard every reason known to man as to why people get stuck writing their books.

Many people ask me how I wrote and published so many books and here’s what I tell them– writing a book is not rocket science. But there is definitely a process to writing a book, whether it’s a good old fashioned printed book or an eBook.

Now if you really want to tick writing a book off your bucket list, I am here to help you turn your dream into a reality. In my course, 40 Day Book Challenge I will help you get a clear direction on how to structure your book and get it done in 40 days or less.

You might say 6 weeks??? Some courses promise that I will get it done in a weekend.
Yes, I do believe it’s possible to get your book done in a weekend but to learn a system that you can use for a lifetime will take more than speed writing. You must learn the system. How to make sure that your book is viable after you have written the last word. We review writing, proofreading, formatting, and uploading to online stores like Amazon. After you go through the 40 day Book Challenge, I am confident that you too will be able to get your next books done in 9 days, a weekend or as little as a few hours.