Sheryl Bailey

Sheryl Bailey

Sheryl Bailey is the quintessential Guitar Goddess. She’s been playing guitar since the age of 13 when her mother finally relented to Sheryl’s begging for a Harmony Strat from J.C. Penney catalogue. Though Sheryl was a 13 year old rock wannabe, the influence of her pianist mother got her to learn harmony and her guitar teacher introduced her to the guitar tradition and schooled her on Wes, Jimmy Raney, George Van Eps, Joe Pass and others.

She attended Berklee College of Music where her years of dedication and focus won her third place in the Thelonius Monk International Jazz Guitar competition in 1995 and she was chosen as Jazz Ambassador for the U.S. State Department in 2000 for a South American tour.

Sheryl musical wings are always in motion as she maintains a schedule of performing, teaching, writing, touring and recording.


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