Rynata’s ambition is to ‘take the listener on a journey’: “I will use whatever it takes to get my vision across. Besides, I love so many different styles of music, that I can never stay with just one thing. People think of me as a ‘shredder’ and yes, I love that more than anything. Sometimes though… they don’t realize that I have studied and played many other genres of music. Blues, Funk, Jazz, Country, Classical, Reggae, it is all fascinating to me and how the guitar is applied. No one-dimensional guitar playing here!

I spent a few years as a ‘hired gun’ with all sorts of cover bands across the country and let me tell you, THAT honed my skills. All styles, from lounge to jazz to country, rock, rockabilly, metal, you name it. I always love a good hook. The task is to combine the melodic with the shredding with the vision and the digital world.

When I started teaching, it all took on a whole new dimension. You know.. a good player does not necessarily make a good teacher. Explaining the process of music and how it relates to the guitar is quite the challenge. I take this process quite seriously. I don’t just ‘usher’ my students through some mechanical exercises or lessons. On the contrary. I want to see the ‘lightbulbs’ go off in someone’s head when they finally get it. And by doing that, I always learn something new too. Even a 9 year old can have a perspective on the same old theme that makes me go: Aha.. kinda neat how he put it.

My main focus, however, remains with recording material that I feel is the best I have to offer. The plan in 2011 is to release several collections of music styles and tributes to legends like Miles Davis, The Beatles and a few others. Plus, of course Pure, Unadultered, Original, Shredding Stuff I’m known for. It’s a huge undertaking and I’m still mapping out the details.”



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