Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan was born in New Zealand and came to this country when she was five years old. She moved around a lot, living in three East Coast states before settling in California when she was in high school. After a heartbreaking divorce, she decided to pursue her dream of making music and made her first album, Silver Slippers. She has continued since then, working with various producers, co-writers, and musicians, and is currently working on an electronic project. She is also pursuing a master’s degree while raising her two boys. Her music and videos are quirky and unique, reflecting her varied life experiences.

β€œI would say that it’s important to keep making music/art. I think it’s easy to make excuses and stop writing when things are hard, but that’s the time when we are potentially the most creative. Most musicians have played for an empty room, and it can be soul-crushing, but it makes you stronger in the long run. I’m grateful for the friends (usually other artists) who believe in my music, and tell me to keep making it.”


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