Olivia Street

Olivia Street

Lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, Olivia Street, was one of the founding members of Juno-nominated reggae band, Souljah Fyah. She has found her own voice with King of Foxes, and brings the authenticity of an old soul to a decidedly modern sound. After releasing a 4-song self-titled EP in late 2013, which was met with positive reviews from fans and music bloggers alike, King of Foxes was honoured with a Project 10k20 grant from the Jim Pattison Group, which was used to fund Golden Armour. Produced by Stew Kirkwood of Sound Extractor Studios in Edmonton, Golden Armour appeared on the Canadian independent music charts for 17 weeks since its release. King of Foxes has supported Econoline Crush, The Darcys, The Pistolwhips, and recently played the Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival.

β€œI was a classical violinist for 15 years. When I was 17, I got my first guitar (an American-made Fender strat which I still own) and assumed the finger skills were somewhat transferable! I taught myself to play a Ricky Lee Jones song, Chuck E’s in Love. (Strange choice, maybe..) I started a punk band, moved to a reggae band, and eventually started fronting my own band.”



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