What's Happening Now?


The hubby and I bought a farmhouse a few months ago and I have been busy decorating.

The twins are two and a half now and I thought going with a grey interior design would make keeping the house looking nice easier. I don't particularly like grey I was just thinking it would be easy to keep clean.

Everything looks so blah. I'm over it and today I am posting all of this brand new (3-month-old) grey furniture on craigslist. BYE grey furniture. You are not for me! Thank you next!

I am going back to my white/cream/gold interior design. I figure if I get high-quality fabrics I can just have professional cleaners come in every other month and clean whatever needs cleaning/refreshing. And I will be happier. Happy wife, happy life. Happy Mom, happy home.

I did mention we bought a farmhouse right? Well yeah with that comes farm animals. Chickens, Bees, and well for now more chickens.

I was so excited to get chickens. We have a flock of 4.  Our neighbors are moving so we are inheriting their flock of 6. So that will be 10 chickens. 10 CHICKENS!!!! To some that may not sound like much but did I mention I like glitter and gold, white clothing, red bottom shoes, and Chanel? Well yeah, they are polar opposites to chicken life.

I get up each morning and at 6 am I make the rounds, clean the chicken coops, feed them and remove the eggs. You heard that right. Yes me, miss glambitious, is cleaning chicken coops each morning. Also, we have a rather large and blossoming garden.

So produce has to be picked too.

The hubby is calling me a farmer and I don't like it. I love fresh organic food. I like having a big house,  I love living on a supremely large plot of land. I like having only one neighbor. BUT, I'm not so sure how long the farm life is going to last in this incarnation. I'm a novice so I may need to hire someone to help me.

I really need to reach out to Martha Stewart and see how she manages it all cause your girl is missing her old routine.

Not to complain cause it's nice, I guess between moving, managing 2 two-year-olds, being a wife, and running multiple businesses umm I need to stop picking and start hiring.

What I'm reading

The Home Edit- Clea Shearer

The Holistic Home- Laura Benko

Growing heirloom flowers- Chris McLaughlin

Simple Happy Parenting- Denaye Barahona

A Room of One's Own- Veranda

Atmosphere- James Michael Howard

Soul of The Home- Tara Shaw

Abode- Serena Miller & Mason St. Peter


What I'm Listening To...

Grace - Ezina

I've had my own CD on repeat lately because I'm seeing where I have grown and where I need to go next.


What I'm Creating...

2 New Projects for you

I'm finally going to release my holiday record. I've been holding on to it for so long I am ready to give it wings and let it fly.

I'm also working on a new chanting CD. It's been bouncing around in my head and I started actually recording it last week.

The peacefulness of our new property gives me lots of quiet spaces to hear the divine actually work through and direct me. The fear and doubt melt away when you actually have quiet spaces to clearly receive the downloads.

Looking forward to connecting soon. Come back if you want to hear about the farm, the twins, and chicken life, as I will not be posting this on my social channels.