Lita Ford

Lita Ford

At age 11 Lita was given a nylon string guitar and taught herself to play along with her favorite records with alot of encouragement from her parents who made her practise. She went to her first concert to see Black Sabbath with her cousin at age 13 and was totally blown away, deciding then and there that was what she wanted to spend her life playing guitar in a rock band. She continued to play along to her favorites like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix and got a job at St Mary’s Hospital near home heating up patients dinners so she could save up $450 to buy a Gibson SG like her hero Toni Iommi played.

From 1975 Lita was in The Runaways until they folded in late 1979. In that time they released four studio albums and one live album which Lita considers their best. The band toured Europe and America many times. In Japan The Runaways were treated like royalty and it was there they enjoyed great success. Lita was an integral part of The Runaways sound with her already stunning guitar playing at age 16. By their third album Lita was writing her own songs and sung lead on “I’m A Million” from And Now…
In 1983 Lita released her first solo album OUT FOR BLOOD on Mercury Records. At the time she was living with Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. Unfortunately Mercury didn’t get behind the album and it made no impact on the charts but made everyone sit up and take notice that Lita could play as well as any male. Majority of the songs were written by Lita alone and featured soaring guitar solos played with great feeling and not a flurry of notes which most Metal bands at the time were trying to do. The original artwork on the album cover with Lita dressed in little and holding a bloodied guitar was banned as it was considered too gory and added to the hassles of band members disappearing and managerial problems.


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