Lemon James

Lemon James

Lemon’s interest in music was inspired by soul-stirring guitar work from a Pink Floyd album. Her inspiration to express herself through music has since become Lemon’s one desire that lives down to her soul.

Dissatisfied with the guitars available to her, Lemon built her first guitar in 1989. Starting with hand-drawn sketches she utilized computer-aided design to create a guitar that fit her style and sound. Lemon then patented her guitar design.

Lemon assembled a band which she called Experienced and became known as “the female Jimi Hendrix.” Lemon James performances began in 1994 at open mics nights in clubs throughout Detroit and the metro area. At that time Lemon’s performances consisted exclusively of Jimi Hendrix covers. She soon became known for her vibrant and explosive performances along with her 60’s attire.

With the need to express her own creative thoughts and concepts, Lemon began writing original material in the Summer of 1994. This led to the release of her debut album in December of 1995. “I AM A VOODOO CHILD” consists of nine original songs as well as two Jimi Hendrix pieces; all recorded and mixed at The Disc Recording Studio in Eastpoint, MI. Distribution of the album included Detroit area record shops and Harmony Houses.

Continued musical growth led Lemon back to the recording studio in 1998-99 which resulted in the culmination of a full-length CD titled “LIVIN IN THE SUN”. Professional recording and mixing took place at Studio A in Dearborn, MI. Lemon then took the mixed product to Georgetown Masters in Nashville TN where she enlisted the mastering expertise of Denny Purcell. The completed work is now available throughout Detroit area and iTunes.



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