Jaye Foucher

Jaye Foucher

Jaye grew up in a musical household and has been playing one instrument or another for as long as she can remember. After years of studying jazz, pop and classical piano, Jaye picked up the guitar at the age of 17 and was instantly hooked.

Within two years Jaye was performing and recording with a local Boston band and practicing 6-8 hours daily. She quit college to devote all her time to playing and became more determined with each day to accomplish something no woman had (at that time) ever done before: to be considered a virtuoso in the genre of rock guitar.

From there the attention snowballed. To date, she’s appeared in over 130 magazines and fanzines across the globe and performed at 7 NAMM shows, 2 Musik Messes in Switzerland, and a similar convention in Spain. When Plaid Dragon disbanded in 1995, Jaye began writing and recording instrumental music and in 1997 released her first independent CD “Infectious Licks”. That CD has received kudos from every publication that’s reviewed it and is on regular rotation on a number of prog-rock and guitar-based radio shows around the world.



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