How To Manage Your Migraines with Chakra Clearing

Managing Migraines Through The Chakras

The chakras are the seven primary distribution points for the energy in the body that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.  They are also called the psychic centers of consciousness.  Migraines are a side effect of a blocked chakra or unbalanced chakras.  Migraine can be eased, and possibly cured, without the aid of the prescription drugs by clearing and balancing two main chakras.

Each chakra is the energy focal point for a different part of the body or body system and affects the energy flow of both physical energy and emotions.  The two chakras most concerned with migraines are, naturally, in the head.  

The two chakras most concerned with migraines are in the head.

Anja (Brow) Chakra

Ajna, Sanskrit for command, is the sixth of the seven primary chakras.  It is also known as the brow chakra or the third eye.  It is in the center of the forehead between the eyes.  This chakra is linked to psychic ability as well as the more mundane pineal and pituitary glands. Migraines are considered, by some, to be a sign of a weak or blocked Ajna chakra. When balanced the Ajna chakra is a deep indigo color.

Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra

Sahasrara, or the thousand-petalled lotus, is the seventh of the primary chakras.  It is also known as the crown chakra since this chakra is on top of the head and includes the entire crown area. This chakra works with the root to balance energy throughout the body. Stress, fatigue, sleep problems and migraines are all associated with an unbalanced crown chakra. When balanced the Sahasrara is violet.

Meditation, visualization, and color therapy are all excellent ways to balance the chakras of the head.  Many people find crystals and semi precious stones helpful in focusing and balancing their chakras.  If you experience frequent headaches, focus on clearing these two chakras. You can start slow with color therapy and work your way up to essential oils, toning, and Reiki. Stay hydrated and supported with daily neck rolls and stretches. Massage the area between your eyes with your favorite oil and consider microneedling to wake that area up and keep it flexible. Do daily cat cow exercise to stretch your spine cause as my teacher Gurmukh always says, Flexible spine equals flexible mind. 

Flexible spine equals flexible mind

Gurmukh (my teacher)

Shine Bright, the world needs your beautiful light. 

Sat Nam,



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