How to choose the best meditation practice for you?

To TM or not to TM?

This is the question on the mind of every meditator. Luckily for you, you can try multiple meditation methods before you decide.

Transcendental meditation is said to be a set of Hindu meditation techniques, involving having a mantra which is basically just a name of a Hindu god or goddess. According to its leaders, T.M., requires nothing more than just two 20 minutes a day sessions of sitting in a quiet position with the eyes closed, a state they call restful alertness. 

According to T.M, you don’t need to concentrate or focus on anything. They state that it works even without you believing that it does. The students of transcendental meditation also say that at the height of restful awareness, the mind transcends all mental actions which they term as Transcendental Consciousness.

They further claim that scientific studies have proven that experiencing this state of the mind brings about higher IQ, creativity, learning, moral reasoning, and even a better neurological functioning of one’s body. In short, transcendental meditation frees the mind and body and releases a state in which you can achieve a happier, wealthier life.

Some people think that transcendental meditation is a cult or a religion-related business. The contrasting party to the transcendental meditation students claims thinks so because the program is also being declared as the “Science of Creative Intelligence”, which is now a degree at the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. The university also boasts a full range of academic disciplines for the successful management of all fields of life.

The most unbelievable claim of transcendental meditation is that its participants can fly or levitate. This was probably disproved because they do not insist on being able to fly anymore, though some others still declare to have possessed supernatural and paranormal capabilities like becoming invisible. Along with flying, this too has not been proved. 

After spending years studying T.M., I believe all mantra meditation methods are the same as transcendental meditation, except that the latter is wrapped up in questionable publicity claims.

So whatever meditation technique you choose to practice, do it for the mere purpose of acquiring inner peace, stress releif and or spiritual enlightenment.


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