Dumping Doubt In It’s Tracks

Have you had those times when you wanted to do something, but another part of you is pulling you back? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like watching your life pass you by? Self-doubt is often the culprit in all these moments of confining yourself in a place of discontentment and anxiety. It’s that gnawing voice that keeps telling you, “you’re not good enough” or “you don’t have what it takes,” making you crawl back to your hiding place.

DOUBT is a five-letter word that has killed a million dreams. Impostor syndrome is the head of the mafia squad that kidnaps you and confine you to a box, locked and thrown away. It is a psychological pattern where people tend to question their capability and accomplishments to move forward. Amidst all this, one thing is for sure. You CAN break free from this limiting belief and push yourself to live a life in your terms, happy and satisfied.

How do you get rid of doubt?

Doubt is a human instinct that is automatically triggered to protect you from impending “danger.” It’s that pause button that lets you assess the path you’re taking. In essence, it’s not an evil attribute. As it allows you to re-assess or evaluate your current status to get from point A to B. The problem though is a lot of people tend to confine themselves in that PAUSE state depriving themselves of the happiness and success they all deserve.

Here are ways to release doubt:

Label your doubt.

What others don’t know is doubt is hiding behind a name. It’s a label that you’ve been shying away from in fear that it’ll bring out old insecurities and pain. Deep dive and ask yourself what that one thing that’s making you feel unworthy or insecure is. Identify your blurts or labels that you put on yourself, like “I am lazy. I am ugly. I’m not creative enough. I don’t have the skills.” Healing starts from understanding where they come from.

Positive affirmations.

Once you have identified all these labels, you’ve placed on yourself. Write them down. But next to each item, write a positive affirmation on how to curb the self-sabotage labels you branded yourself with. The truth is the hardest enemy to beat is yourself. And the best person who can redeem yourself is still you. This is a practice to help you pull yourself up every single time, not for the sake of others, but for your own good. It’s killing the monster while it is little so that the phoenix can shine through.

Keep a journal.

Writing is therapeutic as it allows you to unleash all your negative emotions without the fear of being judged. It helps you to understand yourself more, find out your triggers, and what you do to turn them around. A journal is a physical manifestation of how far you’ve come. Through it, you can identify defining moments that taught you lessons on how you redeem yourself every single time. It’s a living testimony of your capacity to break obstacles that come your way.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Doubtful people often highlight their weaknesses and imperfections. The focus is on what they lack in their lives. In turn, it makes them inadequate, succumbing to loneliness and depression. The antidote to loneliness is gratitude. It is such a simple act that people tend to overlook. When you have a grateful heart, you look at the world with an eye for delight. Waking up each day, thankful for the life you live, changes the dynamic of your day. As opposed to someone who woke up feeling grumpy, cursing under your breath.

A grateful heart shifts your mind to appreciate what you already have. It magnifies the blessings, skills, and achievements you’ve acquired through the years, allowing you to change your thoughts from negative to positive. Every day write down at least three things you are grateful for. Immerse yourself in the moment and watch your perspective shift from what’s lacking to the beauty that’s in front of you. It’s time that you notice how that annoying snore in the morning is a reminder that you are with the love of your life.

Break free from your doubtful ways by highlighting your strengths and investing in opportunities that enhance these skills. Do not discount your feelings. Acknowledge it in order to respond to it appropriately. Running away from it will only leave you lost and hurt. Face your doubt head on. Equip yourself with a grateful heart and a faithful soul. Happiness is a choice. And it all boils down to acknowledging that you’re good enough and you’re worthy of everything that you have.


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