Briana Alexis

Briana Alexis

Briana got started in music after seeing a video of the Runaways and was hooked! She started playing Jazz and her influences were John Schofield, Mike Stern, Charlie Parker, Emily Remler, and Jennifer Batten. Her first gig was in 1985 in which she had to pay to play at the Troubadour and sold tickets for her female metal band KrozzKut. She got into the music business when she began working for Don Randall of Randall Amplifiers while supporting her band.

Briana explains what she knows now that she wishes she knew when she started is to not get distracted and staying true to the music that influences and inspires her. Her advice is to not follow musical trends and to always surround yourself with better players. Break out of your comfort zone.

Briana markets her business by staying connected with producers, engineers, managers, attending trade shows, appearances on panels, staying connected as a musician and on the business end of music. Her usual day right now is doing a lot of writing and getting involved in music production on independent products, and building her home studio where she’s been recording and building her library of soundtracks. She is currently in the middle of creating and producing a series of online guitar tutorials.

Interesting fact, Briana with her band ABSINTHE, performed at the purple carpet launch of the Guitar Goddess Magazine at the Gibson showroom in Beverly Hills.


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