7 Outstanding Meditations To Do Before Practicing Mudras

Meditating With Your Hands

Our hands are an amazing part of our body, we may not even notice it but, we are very dependent on our hands in doing almost everything every day, even the simplest thing like grooming our hair.  We also use our hands to express our emotions.  The hands do not only carry our deepest emotions but our memories as well

Hand meditations are a  way of meditating that focuses on this amazing part of our body.  This type of meditation is not about the physical touch of the hand but, more on the memories and emotions, you keep locked inside of them.

How To Do Hand Meditations

The Steps…

  1. Get Comfortable

    Get comfortable in a chair, with both feet firmly on the ground and closing the eyes.  Rest the hands in the lap with palms up.  Notice your breathing, you don’t need to change it just notice the pattern of the breath coming in and going out. Relax any tension in your body as you breathe. 

  2. Become Aware of The Air Around Fingertips

    Start to become aware of the air at your fingertips, between your fingers, on the palm of your hand.  Familiarize yourself with the strength and maturity of your hands.  Remember the most unforgettable hands that you ever touched and known, your fathers, your mothers, your grandparents, a friend or a lover.  Imagine the hands of a new born baby, the softness, the perfection, the delicacy.  Once you had the same hands.

  3. Reflect On The Great things your hands have done

    Reflect on the things that your hands have done since that time, you learned most of the important things in life through your hands, turning yourself over, crawling and creeping, walking, balancing, learning to hold something for the first time, feeding yourself, washing and bathing, dressing, and tying your shoelaces for the first time, all these things at one point of time in your life were your greatest accomplishments.

    Think of your hands when they were the tools of your learning in many activities, learning to write your name, play a game, or learn an instrument. When you used them to help others, remembering all of the work they have done, the tiredness and aching they have known, the cold and the heat, the soreness and the bruises. Remember using them to comfort others or to wipe away tears. 

    Think about the special mystery of the hands of a person we love.  The hands of those that touched yours, a doctor, a nurse, a dentist, and those hands we never forget.

  4. Place Your Hand On Your Heart

    Place your right hand slowly and gently over your heart.  Press firmly against it and feel the most mysterious of all human sounds, your heartbeat, a rhythm that flows of life and love.  

    Press more firmly for a moment and then release the hand holding it just a fraction away from your heart, experience the warmth between your hand and your heart.  Then lower your hand to your lap very carefully as if your heart was with it.

    Think of all the hands that have left their imprint on yours, they can never be erased.  Hands have their own memory that lasts a lifetime.

  5. Grasp Your Hands One Into The Other

    Now, without opening the eyes, extend your hands in front of you and grasp the other hand.  Hold it, explore it, sense its history and mystery, let your hands speak to one another and let them “listen” to the other.  Express your gratitude for all of the feelings you are allowed to experience through your hands.

  6. Release Your Hands

    With eyes still closed, slowly release your hands and bring them back to your lap.  Feel the presence of each hand vibrating. The print is there forever.

  7. Open Your Eyes

    When you are ready, open your eyes.  Share thoughts and feelings of this experience around you.


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