Unlock Your Fortune with forgiveness

Are your finances at a standstill?
Are you working harder than ever yet you still can’t get ahead?
Sounds like there is more forgiveness work to be done

When you are doing everything you can to make more money or if money keeps leaving as fast as you make it, usually there is an energetic drain of some sort.

You see, money is energy. If we are using too much energy holding grudges, being mad at someone, complaining, bickering or judging its very hard for money to stick around.

In this class you will learn how to forgive and release anger, grudges and complaints. You will learn how to forgive using an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness technique called H’opponopono coupled with EFT to knock out negativity and forgive with an open heart.

This is a 4 part video course with a forgiveness workbook. Learn at your own pace and join others in our Facebook Group who are using this system to unlock their fortunes.

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