About Ezina

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Born and raised in Michigan with moxie, passion, a killer work ethic, and a strong belief that everyone was born to be sovereign.

Through my books, music, online programs, and free content, I want to help you get out there and make “it” happen, whatever your “it” might be. I give you tangible steps and I design my programs so that you can take physical action to turn your ideas into reality.

I believe that the thing we desire to create must be created for the greater good of all because when you are doing work you are passionate about, you are in your dharma. This inspires others and gives them the courage to begin taking physical action to find their passion projects as well.

My parents were hard workers. They each worked for large corporations and ran their own businesses on the side. They were the original “side hustlers”. My paternal grandfather ran a large tobacco farm in North Carolina, and later turned that into a real estate empire. My maternal grandmother and grandfather were also successful business owners.

Entrepreneurship is in my genes. But, so is music.

Music began early for me when my father recorded me singing Elton John in perfect pitch at 16 months old. The piano started shortly thereafter, and music never left me or let me down. After a brief stint with a major record label, I began working as a paralegal, then as a manager for a large cosmetics company, and later managing Real Estate Investment Trusts.

Working for large companies didn’t work for me. I was the big circle trying to fit in the small square peg. After a few years of feeling icky every day I had to go into the office, I decided to give myself 90 days to leave.

I circled the day on the calendar and worked like a madwoman on my album and book. I finished the album in 30 days and finished the book 30 days after that.


In the last 30 days, I worked every night singing wherever I could to promote my album and I sold my book and album out of the trunk of my car. I made more money in 30 days than my annual salary.

90 days came, and I never looked back.

I have always been interested in what makes people tick

Why were some more successful than others? The more I studied successful people, the more I learned, and the more I applied what I learned to great success.

As my success began to show, people started asking me what steps I took to achieve success. This birthed my authorship. One book became two, then three, and so forth. I wanted to share everything I had learned.

People would sometimes try to discourage me (give me advice) and tell me that I needed to choose. Was I a musician or an author? A meditation teacher or a business coach? A Reiki Master or an Actress? I am all of that. I am unapologetically multi-disciplined.


What I positively know is that we are all multifaceted. We are all multi-gifted. We can choose to go in one direction or all directions simultaneously if you are armed with a concrete plan and are willing to take physical action. If this sounds like your story too, this website is for you.
Step into the spotlight.

My music is a soundtrack that I create to traverse this journey we call life. I write music that makes me feel good and a lot of my music comes to me during meditation or prayer.

Whenever I am going through “something” I write a song to keep my spirits up. Every song in my catalog is about something I personally experienced or was a mantra that I used to get through a rough patch or a song to celebrate a milestone. Every life is a rollercoaster and I hope that my music can provide inspirational anthems for yours.

Shine bright, the world needs your beautiful light.